After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene.

A Magician has played at festivals across the world. It won the Grand Prize at the Très Court International Film Festival in Paris, coming first out of 3000 considerations.

“This year is the hypnotising sequence of A Magician by Max Blustin (United Kingdom), who takes the Grand Prix. “This is exactly the kind of film we came to see. He succeeds in twisting a space-time that belongs to him in three minutes and succeeds in putting poetry in the fall,” explained Nicolas Boukhrief as he handed over the supreme trophy, invoking an inspiration in Christopher Nolan’s cinema. The web-writer Karim Debbache, also a member of the jury, completed this analysis: “Blustin creates a mental out-field which serves the staging perfectly.”

– Press coverage by CineChronicle (translated from French)

Festival Selections

Raindance Film Festival (London)
Très Court International Film Festival (Paris) (Winner – Grand Prix)
Interfilm Berlin
The Indie Gathering (Cleveland) (Winner)
London Short film Festival
Kinsale Shark Awards (Ireland) (Winner – Gold Award)
Discover.Film (London) (Winner)
Anchorage International Film Festival (Alaska) (Winner)
Seoul Extreme Short Image and Film Festival (South Korea)
Gold Coast International Film Festival (New York)
Pasadena International Film Festival (California)
Plymouth Film Festival (Devon) (Nominee)
Winchester Short Film Festival (Winchester) (Winner)
SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival (Rhode Island)(Winner)
Berlin Short Film Festival (Germany)(Winner)
Hang Onto Your Shorts (New Jersey) (Nominee)
Purbeck Film Festival (Dorset)
Amarcort Film Festival (Italy)
Tally Shorts Film Festival (Florida)
Independent Days International Film Festival (Germany)
Paris Short Film Festival (Paris)
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival (North Carolina)
Near Nazareth Film Festival (Israel)
Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)
Jersey Shore Film Festival (New Jersey)
Crystal Palace Film Festival (Nominee)
Paris Independent Film Festival
Studio City Film Festival (Los Angeles)
The Shortest Nights (London)